Mini Cat by The Christmas Tree

Mini Cat cross stitch pattern and free floss tags Here is another free cross stitch pattern featuring mini cat by the Christmas tree, I also designed matching floss tags that are included in the free…

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Mini Cat in the gym

Free Cross Stitch pattern Another free cross stitch pattern featuring mini cat exercising in the gym with weights and doing plenty of squats! The free pattern can be downloaded at the bottom of this post.…

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Sunflower mini cat cross stitch

Hello everyone, I am still here! I have been busy designing and doing quite a bit of stitching, I thought it was time to design a new mini cat cross stitch pattern. You can download…

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Roses Cross Stitch Pattern

Only recently I remembered I had designed this roses cross stitch pattern, it was quite a while ago but I don’t think I posted it on my blog, I prepared the pattern and forgot about…

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Free Valentine Cross Stitch Pattern

This free Valentine cross stitch pattern and matching floss thread holders are a handy cute addition to your stash. I really love playing around with images and bits of card, so I thought I would…

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Valentine Mini Cat Calendar

Mini Cat Calendars and tags I have no stitching to show but I have been putting some digital printables together, first up is my new Valentine Mini Cat Calendar. A little late, but better late…

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Christmas Bird House cross stitch pattern

The free Christmas Birdhouse cross stitch pattern is now available to download, apologies for the delay, I did promise to post it last week . It is another quick stitch, perfect for a last minute…

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Winter Cross Stitch Pattern

I was in the mood for designing a winter cross stitch pattern to add to your collection. This is an easy pattern that is ideal for beginners and advanced stitchers. If you choose 14 count…

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Christmas Peace Cross Stitch pattern.

Here is the additional Christmas peace cross stitch pattern I promised from last weeks post. I have added last weeks pattern and this weeks pattern into the pdf document below. You can download the pattern…

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Christmas Cross Stitch Pattern

Just popping by to say a quick hello and let you know I am still here! I have designed this Christmas Mini Grey Cats Cross Stitch pattern “Love In the Snow” for you to download.…

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