Cross stitching blog – Welcome!

Hello, my name is Lynn and I would like to welcome you to my cross stitching blog, I love to work on  lots of different crafts although cross stitching is my favourite.
 I am really happy when I have a needle and thread in my hand.
I enjoy all types of crafts, knitting, dressmaking, to name just a few. Many of my cross stitched pieces and patterns have been given to my readers and I look forward to making more.

Cross stitching in France 

In 2015 we moved to France to enjoy glorious sunshine and the countryside, we love it here and are very happy we made the decision to move.

The house had to have a room for my cross stitching, we were too busy when we first moved house to decorate my craft room, but I am getting it organised now.

You can see my craft room from my previous home here 

The new room is looking quite pretty with the grey/white flooring and soft pink walls.

I have chosen white furniture to make it really bright and  light and I have the perfect chair to look at the views of the open countryside, I feel so lucky!

Exciting times ahead

Since 2008 my blog was a Blogspot blog but I thought it was about time to own my domain, in November 2019 I finally took the plunge and joined the .com industry.

Easier navigation around my website is going to be my goal.  You can see some of my designs here

I am excited to be changing and improving my blog to make it more user friendly and easy for you to navigate.

My finishing techniques and tips can be found on my finishing blog here

Welcome to my blog, I hope you join me on my journey and enjoy your visits here.   

Lynn B  


Valentine Mini Cat Mug in my new Etsy gift shop. Click photo.