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Biscornu Cross Stitch Finish and other stitching.

Hello everyone, its been a while since I posted, life happens sometimes and things slow down, however, I am back now!

I finished stitching this Biscornu a while ago and forgot to show it to you, it matches the strawberry stitching set that I made. I love making these little Biscornu Pin Cushions as they are so cute and make a lovely hand made gift.

Beaded Biscornu pin cushion trimmed with red and white beads adorned with strawberry cross stitches and butterflies.

Mini Cat Bookmark

The next finish is this cute Mini Cat bookmark, it is the first one I have made and I love it! Initially I thought it would be a quick stitch but it did take me about three evenings to stitch this. I loved making it into a bookmark but it can also be framed in a small frame or even made as a small pillow.

I stitched this on 16 count evenweave, approximate width 1 3/4 inches wide (4.5 cm) by 7 inches long (18cms) including tassels.

Bookmark finishing tips.

Place a towel onto your ironing board and cut a piece of iron on interfacing the size of the finished cross stitching and iron onto the back of the stitching, ensuring you place the cross stitching face down onto the towel to prevent your stitches being squashed.

Initially I allowed about 3/4 inch extra all around to allow for finishing. Trim the ends and fold the top and side edges to the back of the work, making sure the edge of the cross stitches show neatly on the front with no white edges of fabric showing. Use fabric glue to adhere the overlaps at the back and then add a piece of felt over the back. Leave the edge at the bottom and pull away the threads to make the tassel edging.

Ignore the pale yellow blanket stitches on the top and bottom, I had to pull those out because they did not work as I imagined.

I may get a little bit addicted to designing these book marks, I think I may do a freebie for my next post.

Cross stitched black cat sat on a fence with a Sunflower growing in front of the fence. Finished into a book mark
Reverse side of a cross stitched book mark showing felt backing.
Cross stitched book mark featuring a cat sat on a fence with a Sunflower in the forefront.

More cross stitch finishes coming soon.

I have quite a few more cross stitch works in progress, just need to finish them!

Until next time, happy stitching!


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  1. July 23, 2022 / 5:01 pm

    Hello Lynn: What a sweet design, the strawberry is my favorite fruit.
    Thank-you for the tutorial on the finishing is perfect, the fringe is s sweet finish.
    The cat looks great framed.
    Looking forward to seeing your new designs.
    Lets have coffee together across the sea.