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Birthday Balloons Cross Stitch Pattern

Black cat cross stitch pattern featuring a small black cat holding three balloons celebrating a birthday.

Birthday balloons cross stitch pattern. Happy Birthday Mini Cat is celebrating a birthday, it is the perfect quick stitch for a birthday card or decor for a childs room. If you decide not to stitch Happy Birthday then why not stitch it as a small gift for a cat lover!

Two year old, a long time ago.

It’s like it was yesterday when my son was two, I can remember it so clearly, he had the most beautiful baby face and dimpled cheeks with a cute smile. Sometimes I wish I could turn back the clock to those days because time really does fly by so quickly. At the time all you want is some respite from the sleepless nights and then suddenly you turn around and the years have passed by.

I still have the first cross stitch I made for his birth celebration, it is wrapped in a box with his first little teddy bear, first blanket, first outfit saved for a special moment.

The first outfit is a little sailor suit, it is over thirty years old now, it is as perfect as it was the day he wore it, perfectly preserved, then I see the other parcel with his black satchel and his name engraved JDB.

If I could give advice to any young Mother or Father wishing for a good nights sleep, this is what it would be….

Hold your child close and cherish the moments because they don’t last long, don’t pray for them to grow older so that you may not feel so tired. Savour the moments when they run across the room to give you a big kiss, this will soon be only a memory in the distant past, not that long ago.

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