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My exchange to Carol has arrived and other stitching news.

Hi everyone, my exchange to Carol of Stitching Dreams Blog has finally arrived at it’s destination and I am pleased to say that Carol loves what I sent to her. 

I usually post on Sunday and Wednesday but  there was a slight delay as my computer lead broke and I had to wait for delivery of a new one.

Edited – Comments are temporarily closed until December.

My blog will be closed for a short period of time as I am taking a blogging break until December, I will not be answering emails until December. I will probably be posting again on Sunday 7th December  but it may get to the week after.
In the meantime I do hope you like the gift I sent to Carol.
Thanks for all of your lovely comments you have left on my blog, they are always appreciated!

I decided to make a little box for Carol with matching accessories together with the small bag to transport it all inside, I was quite pleased with the results. Carol told me she liked Autumn colours so I thought this would fit the bill, I already had the fabric in my stash so my mind got to work thinking what to make.
Carol and I became blogging buddies last year when we realised we had quite a bit in common with each other and since than we have been quite chatty over emails. I decided it would be nice to do an exchange together, I am so glad we did as we both had such fun doing it.
You can see the absolutely gorgeous gift Carol sent to me here if you have not already had the pleasure of seeing it.
Thanks Carol, it was a pleasure!   
You can see how to make these boxes if you check out my tutorials blog, you can find the link at the top of this page.  You can find the free embroidery  pattern here together with shoe gift tags and a cross stitch version of the shoe  if you would like to make the little bag.
More photos below.
Stitching news and blog closing for a short time

I have been doing lots of other things this week instead of cross stitch, I have progressed with the knitted cardigan I am making for myself and I have also practiced my new hobby – crochet, I have even managed to crochet  a small flower – yay!!!
I have been busy sewing this week to alter this blouse that I blogged about on my Dressmaking Blog in June, I initially cut a size  12 UK (Size 8 America) it was always a little big around the armholes and the shoulders anyway but I made this blouse in the middle of a fitness and weight loss regime and I have lost a stone and a half since May this year. 
The blouse was way too big around the armholes now and really did drown me on the shoulders so I decided to unpick it at the side seams and redo it around the armholes to make it smaller. 
It is one of those blouses that is really comfortable to wear and I really did want to get some wear out of it, I initially had altered the pattern to fit perfectly across the bust line so it really was a dream to wear and I was pretty pleased with the final result, even more so now it fits me again!
Until December – Happy Stitching!
Best Wishes and Happy Stitching.
Lynn B

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  1. December 22, 2013 / 2:49 pm

    Yes, your gift to Carol is wonderful. You both took such care for each other, wonderful!
    I like the blouse and color. 😉