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Bronwyn Hayes guest blogger from the Red Brolly Blog

Wow! How fabulous are these creations from Bronwyn Hayes of the Red Brolly Blog, she really is a talented designer, stitcher and creator of all things beautiful. Of course Bronwyn was one of the first people I thought of to interview as a guest blogger on my blog and you can see why.

When I first saw her designs I fell madly in love with them, they are so beautiful and fun to stitch.
Bronwyn is also very generous as she always has plenty of free patterns available to download from her blog in addition to the gorgeous patterns you can purchase from her shop  and also in the UK at this shop here.
I have had the pleasure of interviewing Bronwyn for this post!
This is one of her fabulous drawings which Bronwyn has made into a free stitchery that is downloadable from her blog here, just scroll down the page and you will see it.
You can also see lots of freebies on this page here, go check them out, you will love what you see! 
This is the Blueberry Girls Quilt 

The interview
1) What was the reason behind your decision to start blogging and what gives you the motivation to do such a great job?
I guess I started the Red Brolly Blog to give myself and my business an identity, it is  the best way I can think of to meet and interact with so many friends,  it also gives women worldwide a chance to get to know me and what I do.
When I first started, it was very difficult. I don’t think I’d ever written anything very much about myself and what I did,  it is also a bit of a learning curve with a blog just finding what you’d like to write about, and then focussing on that. I have always loved art and crafty things,  I used to look at the craft magazines and books and think that is what I’d like to do. Writing a blog is very similar to writing a book or magazine.
2) How long have you been designing and creating such beautiful things?
I guess I have  been making things since I was little,  Mother was always painting and sewing- so it just seemed natural to use all her left-over  bits and pieces and turn them into sewn and stuffed or drawn and painted objects.  I guess a love for making things was fostered when I was very little and it is something I have loved doing all my life.    It is always a challenge to see if I can create something new.
3) Your blog is always a visual treat, I simply loooove seeing what you have created! I love the way each one of your designs are beautifully presented, not to mention your baking skills! Everything is very pretty and very inspiring. Who taught you to do the computing side of things or are you self taught?
I got my first computer when the kids were little, it just seemed to open up a whole new world!
I did a lot of computer courses over the years and was teaching computers for a while in schools, but I guess my biggest love is Photoshop, I use this programme every day.
I guess most of the important skills in life are taught to us by our mothers, likewise with mine, she taught me to draw, paint and sew – and I fostered a love of knitting and cooking.
At the age of six my mother enrolled me in art lessons at the local Technical College- and the rest is history! I think I knew then where my life was headed.
4) You do fabulous art work and your Red Brolly Ladies are a real treat,
where did you get your inspiration to design them?
The Red Brolly Girls are something I have always wanted to do.  You meet so many interesting people in your life- I guess the Girls are just a fun look at some of those people.
The original Girls were quite restrained- button up collars and long dresses- the newer Girls are much more fun! They actually have breasts!  This was a big decision to make.
5) Do you have a craft room,  if not, where is your favourite stitching place?
  I don’t really have a special room where I create, I love all those beautiful craft rooms with shelves especially devoted to rolls of fabric and pretty containers filled with buttons and ribbons and painted all in white, but mine is just the dining room – and the computer and light box sit on the dining room table- which is fun when we have guests- or the family comes for Christmas! Everything has to be packed away, sometimes I don’t find those packed away things again for years!
6) I love stitching Christmas ornaments, what is your favourite season that you like to stitch?
I guess the most favourite time of the year for me is Christmas, there is such a lot of inspiration and all the visual candy, and decorating the home to get that fantastic Christmas feel, and an overload of red!
7) What is your favourite fabric/thread and why?
Of course my favourite thread colour is red.  I love all those gorgeous old redwork stitcheries and red and white quilts.  I think it’s the contrast between the intenseness of the red and the background- usually white or off- white that is so delicious.  I do love the colour red, it is my favourite colour- that’s why the name Red Brolly!
8) What are your stitching plans for 2013?
Looking to the future- for 2013- I’d really like to be able to go to the Houston Quilt Show in the USA.  I haven’t been before and think that it will open up opportunities.
At the moment Iam trying to design and make new patterns to take to Houston.
Thankyou Bronwyn for sharing these insights into your crafty world! 
My stitching news
I have been stitching Santa’s Village this week but I have still some catching up to do on this.
In my next post I will show you my latest stash that I purchased from a Miniature Dolls House Craft Show that I visited recently. Pretty silk fabric and tiny ribbon trim for dolls house hats!

Until next time – Happy Stitching!     
Best Wishes and Happy Stitching.
Lynn B

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  1. June 21, 2013 / 10:01 pm

    I very much enjoyed this interview and I love all of her work. It's fabulous!!