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Little House Needleworks

Hi everyone, I thought it was time I showed a cross stitch finish after all the felt projects I have been making lately. I started this Holly Berries design from Little House Needleworks before Christmas but I have only just got around to finishing it. I decided to make it into a mattress pin cushion following some really helpful instructions over at Andreas blog – The Craft Room here.  Thanks Andrea, your instructions are really easy to follow!

This is the reverse side
Stitching news
I have received a beautiful surprise gift in the mail from Jane, a lady whom I sent a random act of kindness to at the beginning of the year. Jane has sent me a lovely mail art with some delicious threads to match. I am unable to post a photo yet as I am trying to edit the personal address details off the photograph and I am unsure how to do it.
Thankyou Jane for this wonderful surprise!
I have also received a photograph from Connie who has made a lovely biscornu from one of my patterns, I shall show that in my next post.
Talking of surprises ( well, not a total surprise because I gave him the list of choices) I received this Country Cottage Needleworks Pattern from my son for Mother’s Day today, I cannot wait to start stitching this!
Thankyou for visiting and leaving such wonderful encouraging comments, I really appreciate them all.
Happy Stitching!
Best Wishes and Happy Stitching.
Lynn B


  1. March 14, 2010 / 6:22 pm

    Such a wonderful finish, love all the personal touches you gave it.

  2. March 14, 2010 / 9:21 pm

    What a wonderful way to finish Holly & Berries!

  3. March 14, 2010 / 9:25 pm

    What a lovely finish! Love the CCN chart too

  4. March 14, 2010 / 9:33 pm

    I really love this Holly & Berries Design; at some point I hope to own one of my own! Love your Mattress finish. 🙂

  5. March 14, 2010 / 9:33 pm

    Your finish is so beautiful!!!!! I love the front and sides and back!!!! Very nice~~~~

    It's so sweet of your son to gift your the chart~~ How thoughtful of him~~~

  6. March 14, 2010 / 9:33 pm

    That is lovely, and a great finishing idea too.

  7. March 14, 2010 / 9:33 pm

    Wow, that is one gorgeous mattress pincushion. You did an amazing job!

  8. March 14, 2010 / 9:33 pm

    So beautiful! Your finishes are always so amazing!

  9. March 14, 2010 / 9:33 pm

    A lovely finish.

  10. March 14, 2010 / 9:40 pm

    This pincushion finish is beautiful!! Very nice job~~~ Faye

  11. March 14, 2010 / 9:40 pm

    Lynn your LHN finish is absolutely gorgeous.

  12. March 15, 2010 / 8:39 am

    What a great way to finish Holly & Berries. Lovely work.

  13. March 15, 2010 / 8:47 am

    Beautiful finish…I love that design!

  14. March 15, 2010 / 8:47 am

    Beautiful finish.

    Have a wonderful week.

  15. March 15, 2010 / 8:47 am

    ooh! I just love this style of finishing! I've got to try it! Love your work!

  16. March 15, 2010 / 8:47 am

    Another beautiful finish Lynn.
    I've looked at Andrea's tutorial and will have to try it for myself one of these days.

  17. March 15, 2010 / 8:47 am

    io adoro i Little House Needlework!!!!
    Complimenti per la rifinitura è da un pò che vorrei farne uno a materasso mi sà che al prossimo ci provo ora mi guardo il link dei suggerimenti!!!!
    grazie mille e complimenti per il regalo del figlio!!!!!!!!!

  18. Anonymous
    March 15, 2010 / 11:35 am

    That's a great finish for a very pretty design!

    The sundae sampler looks very cute too. What a sweet gift!

  19. March 15, 2010 / 11:36 am

    A stunning finish and what gorgeous gifts you got. I love the CCN chart. x

  20. March 15, 2010 / 4:52 pm

    What a beautiful finish Lynn! And your son got you a wonderful gift – nothing better than a gift of stitching items.

  21. March 15, 2010 / 4:53 pm

    Absolutely stunning finish Lynn!!!

  22. March 15, 2010 / 6:58 pm

    How spooky, Holly & Berries was the first design I made in to a mattress pincushion! Yours is lovely. A wonderful gift from your son too.

  23. March 16, 2010 / 3:17 pm

    Hi Lynn. Please visit my blog, I have an award there waiting for you. :o)

  24. March 16, 2010 / 7:04 pm

    Hello Lynn,
    I Love your blog,I'm one of your followers 😉
    Just for that I have a surprise for you at my blog!!


  25. March 16, 2010 / 10:14 pm

    Beautiful work!! 🙂

  26. March 16, 2010 / 10:14 pm

    it's really really nice!

  27. March 17, 2010 / 8:30 am

    This is a really incredibly lovely finish. You have made an excellent job of finishing it. It's such a pretty design and your finish makes it look stunning. I love it on this pale linen, the red against the cream gives it a crispness and a wonderfully wintery feel.
    What a pretty CCN chart from your son. It will make your mouth water just to stitch it. My daughter treated me to real cake on Mother's Day – we went out for a cream tea 🙂

    With ref to your mailart. When we store photos on your computer can you right click on them and find an edit section? It's so long since I had my PC but, I remember there was a kind of paintbrush where you could erase things like personal details. Failing that, just re photograph your mailart covering your address with a tiny piece of paper :>) I hope that helps.
    Warm wishes Angela xx

  28. March 19, 2010 / 9:01 am

    Hi Lynn! As soon as I click in here, that banner just gets me everytime!!! It's so wonderful, I don't know what to look at first! You pincushion is just lovely…gosh, everything is! xo's Paulette 😉

  29. March 20, 2010 / 4:10 pm

    Hello I write you of FRANCE, I like very much your blog, and I put you in my links on my blog, I hope to see you soon
    Best regards marylin and poussy

  30. March 22, 2010 / 9:50 am

    I have nominated you for an award!
    See my blog!

    You are a stitching inspiration!

  31. March 23, 2010 / 10:52 am

    I'd like to give you an award, if you'd like to visit my blog and collect it~~

  32. March 23, 2010 / 10:54 am

    Your finish is amazing! Perfectly executed!

  33. March 25, 2010 / 5:43 pm

    I have just found your blog. I look forward to following your lovely work.

  34. March 28, 2010 / 10:50 am

    Hi Lynn! Just popping in to say "hi" and thank you for your sweet visit!…There's always something wonderful to discover here!!! Enjoy your Sunday! xo Paulette

  35. March 30, 2010 / 3:06 pm

    Dear Lynn, Look who's finally back and visiting you! Thanks for taking the time to welcome me back home. I'm so happy to finally be back amongst my own things! Just darling little stitching mattress you made, as always. I've been so out of touch, I have to go through your whole blog to catch up. Which leads me to say that you and I have to email to catch up very soon. Warmest regards and hugs, Deb

  36. March 30, 2010 / 3:13 pm

    Hello my dear friend! You are awesome! You really are! I think of you whenever I see my cross stitched pinroll!

    I am having a blogoversary giveaway so I hope you come and join in on the fun!
    ~TattingChic ♥

  37. February 6, 2011 / 7:06 pm

    I don't belive the finish of your Ornaments is gorgeous!!! Really compliments!